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English Language Game Shows For Learning

June 23rd, 2010

There are various English language games that can help an English student to practice their language skills. Learning the English language through playing games can provide students with a fun and entertaining learning experience. There are many possibilities, so it is a good idea to try many different kinds of learning games to find what kind is enjoyable for the students involved. Students may even find that different kinds of games are good for different kinds of English practice. Some fun game ideas used in shows on television are actually useful for English language practice. Here are some fun English language game show ideas for you to try.

Question the Answer

One fun English language game idea is commonly known as a television game show called Jeopardy. The show is based around trivia questions and answers that are related to a variety of topics. What makes the concept special is that contestants on the show are shown categories of answers, instead of being shown questions to answer. The game contestants are asked to provide the question that the given answer is answering. For instance: if the category is sports and the answer is “A sport with a bat and a ball.”, then a contestant would respond with “What is baseball?” Students of the English language can use this same game idea for practicing their English. Two or more students gather together and choose a category for the questions and answers. The categories should be something that both students know well. The students take turns offering answers and replying with questions, like in the game show. It is a good idea to have a native English speaker present, but it is not completely necessary. This game can be a fun way for English language students to practice asking questions.

Guess the Object

Here is another fun game for English language students to enjoy. The game show this is based on is known as Pyramid. The contestants on this game show are grouped in pairs. One contestant is shown something to describe to the other contestant. One contestant describes and the other contestant guesses what the other contestant is describing. Here is an example: One contestant says “It’s round and orange and you can eat it. “ The other contestant responds by guessing until correctly saying “An orange.” Students of the English language can enjoy improving their English ability by using this game idea for practice describing something to another person and also by guessing what is being described. The game requires a minimum of two people, although a group of people in pairs can also play. Each student should make a list of things that the other student knows, such as everyday objects or places they are both familiar with. The students then either take turns describing and guessing, or one student describes and one student guesses during the entire game.

These fun English language game show ideas are an entertaining way to improve English ability.