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English Language Practice Activities

June 22nd, 2010

There are many fun ways for a student of the English language to practice and improve their English speaking, reading, and writing abilities. One of the best ways is through the use of English language practice activities. This kind of practice keeps students motivated by making studying enjoyable while also learning new words. This is an invaluable way to learn how to use English.

English Object Words

This is a fun English language game for students to enjoy while traveling on a bus or on a train or even in a car. It can also be played walking through a building or looking around a room with lots of things in it. The basic premise of the game is for two or more English language students to take turns pointing to objects and saying the English word that corresponds to the object. This easy game can also be played by one student or a combination of students and native English speakers. The game is can be fun to play with the right people.

English Interview

This is a fun way to practice and prepare for an English language job interview for a position at a company. The basic concept is for a student to pretend to have a job interview in English with a native English speaker who plays the role of an interviewer at a company. It is good to choose a native English speaker with a business background when possible. The student should either invent a job that they would like to have or prepare for a job interview they already have scheduled. Have the native English speaker prepare a list of interview questions or find a list of common interview questions online using a search engine. If possible, dress appropriately and practice the meeting in a location similar to the company where the student would be interviewing. The interviewer and the student being interviewed should both try to act as serious as an actual interview with a company would possibly be.

English Question and Answer

This is a fun and spontaneous English language practice activity that can improve a student’s language ability through both asking and answering questions. Two or more English language students or a combination of a native English speaker and one or more students can be a good way to start. The basic concept of the practice activity is for one person to ask questions about objects that can be seen in the surrounding location. For instance, a question about an orange could be “What shape is that orange?” or “What is that called?” This kind of English language practice can be a lot of fun and it is using spoken English in a practical situation. For additional fun, try using some simile when describing the objects in the room. This will make for a more creative English language practice. For instance, the answer about the shape of the orange could be “It is round, like a baseball.”
These are some fun ways to practice English with other students and native English speakers.