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How To Help A Child Learn English

April 28th, 2010

While studying the English language many parents may also want to teach their children to speak and read English. This can be a potentially beneficial activity for the entire family. After a parent’s English language ability is already at a high intermediate to advanced level, helping their children learn English can be fun. Teaching the English language to another person can also help to improve the English language ability of a person teaching. Children may ask unique questions about English that may bring special insight into understanding the English language.

Here are some good methods for helping children to learn English that may also help parents to study.

Fun Is Number One

When helping children learn English the most important aspect is to focus on fun. Making the study of the English language fun and easy is a parent’s goal when teaching their children. One way to make learning the English language fun is to make sure you are using fun learning materials. Have your children shop with you for English study materials that they like. If they really like something then they will be much more likely to study it. There is an amazing variety of media for children in available in English. Children’s ABC books are certainly a wonderful way to start. English language television and movies can also be a good way to help children learn the English language quickly. Many shows on public broadcasting networks are actually made to teach English to children in primarily English speaking areas of the world. One popular show of this kind is known as “Sesame Street”. It has aired for numerous years and apparently has a proven track record for teaching English language and also basic math to children. A more recent English language learning show for children that airs internationally is known as “Charro.” The show is cartoon about a puppy traveling the world. Parent will likely also enjoy reading their children’s English books and watching the movies and shows together as a family.

English Construction Cards

A parent can make their children a set of English sentence construction cards to make the assembly of English sentences easier for a child. It can also be a fun and beneficial learning activity for a parent to make such cards. English sentence construction cards are basically small cards that each contain a word of the English language. One category of cards would be English nouns, another category would be English verbs, and another category could be English particles. Children (and parents too) can arrange the cards in many possible ways. Arranging the cards in different ways produces different sentences and helps children to quickly make English sentences without needing to write them by hand.

Another interesting thing that can help to make sentence construction easier is to add color to cards in a sentence. These colors can make the word types easier to sort at first. This is essentially making color coded cards for relatively easy construction of English language sentences. For instance, the verbs could be green, the nouns could be blue, the adjectives could be yellow, and so on.

This is hopefully a really good start to make learning English more fun for children.