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Optimistic English Proverbs

June 1st, 2010

In a variety of world languages there are common phrases that are used in conversation and in literature. Knowing such common phrases can make a student learning a language sound more like a native speaker. Studying the common phrases used in the English language can be enjoyable and educational for students learning English. There are certainly many to be familiar with. One type of common phrase is known as a “proverb.” Proverbs are common sayings used to remind a person of a kind of common sense, although the sayings may not always make sense when translated to another language. Here are some of the many proverbs and their meanings.

“One good turn deserves another”

This is a wonderful phrase that can be used in a situation where someone has done something good for a person. The phrase is used to say that when something good is done for someone, something good should be done in return. This can be a good way to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. The phrase can also be used to say that when someone does something good, they will be rewarded by the universe in a good way for doing so. Here is an example of the phrase used in a sentence: “The boy gave the girl a flower and the girl gave the boy a kiss on the cheek. One good turn deserves another.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

The city of Rome is historically documented as having required many years to be built. The construction of the city was a relatively slow process, as many major projects are. This phrase is used to motivate a person when a task or project seems to be relatively major and possibly appears challenging to complete. This is a really good phrase to use when encouraging a student learning the English language and other world languages. The process of learning a language can seem slow, but learning a new language can be as rewarding to a person as Rome was to the Romans. Here is an example of the phrase used in a sentence: “The person patiently learned new English phrases every week, knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“A blessing in disguise”

This is an interesting concept that is a useful English phrase to know. The basic idea is when something happens that seems to be sad, there may actually be a good result revealed after. For instance, when someone accidentally drops a penny on the ground and finds a dollar when they pick it up. Dropping the penny was an accident that seemed sad, but finding the dollar showed that dropping the penny was a blessing in disguise. Here is an example of the phrase used in a sentence: “The apple that fell on Isaac Newton was possibly a blessing in disguise for the scientist.”
These and many more proverbs are handy to know when speaking with native English speakers and also when reading English literature. Hopefully these proverbs also help to look at the world in a more positive way.