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Some Creative Writing Ideas For English Students

July 28th, 2010

There are many ways for English language students to practice using the English that they are learning in a useful and creative way. One fun way is through the various practices of creative writing. Creative writing allows an English language student to practice the English that they already know by actually using it to write a story. Here are some fun creative writing activities for you to enjoy.

Group Story

One really fun creative writing activity is actually done with a group of people. The people can either be in a room together or writing together via email or even by letters sent through traditional mail. Find some other English language students and a native English speaker who can read the story you and the other students are going to write. The students can make a list of possible story beginnings and vote on their favorite beginning to a story. Choose a certain amount of minutes for each person to write part of the story before handing the document to the next person to continue writing. For instance, one person begins writing a story that is “Once upon a time, “ and continues writing for ten minutes. After ten minutes, the person passes the story to the next person. The next person continues the story however they choose and then passes the story to the next person ten minutes later. This continues until everyone has written or until an agreed upon amount of minutes. After the story is written, each student can take turns reading the part of the story they have written aloud if the people are in the same room. Another option is to ask the native English speaker to read it. Another option is to give each person a copy of the completed story to read silently. A story written in this way can be very fun, because each person may write a special kind of way. For instance, one person may start a story about flowers, the next person might change the scene to a spaceship, and another person might change the scene to a romantic story taking place on a beach.

A Children’s Story

This is another fun creative writing activity that can be good for improving a student’s English language ability. Writing a story for children is also a way to motivate a student by writing a complete story in the English language. Successful use of the English language in a completed project can help a student to appreciate their progress. First it may be best to read some children’s books written in the English language to help a student get some ideas of the kind of story they would like to write. Children’s books are often very simple and very short, so writing such a story will be much easier than a student may assume. A simple story about a bear going to the park and playing with some of its animal friends is one idea for a fun children’s story. This can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. If a student also enjoys art, then illustrating the completed story is a wonderful idea too!

Hopefully you will enjoy using these creative writing activities to improve your English language ability.