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Unit 11: Telling the Time



1. What time does the woman say it is?
A 20 minutes to 8:00
B 15 minutes to 8:00
C 10 minutes to 8:00
D 5 minutes to 8:00

2. Why does the man ask what time it is?
A He thinks he is going to be late for his first class.
B He believes his watch is not showing the correct time.
C He wants to know when the laundry room is going to open.
D He is waiting for the news headlines to be announced.

3. The woman says she did a "scatterbrained thing." What does she mean?
A She did something nice.
B She did something silly.
C She did something clever.
D She did something hurtful.

4. What did the woman do after she saw it was 7:30?
A She drove to class.
B She rushed to class.
C She strolled to class.
D She attended to class.

5. Why didn't the woman see any other students in the room?
A The class was on a field trip.
B She didn't go to the right classroom.
C All of the other students were late too.
D She went on a day when class is not held.