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Unit 12: Timetables and Schedules



1. What are the speakers discussing?
A A training program
B A railroad schedule
C Where to cash a check
D Where to stay in Chicago

2. At what time does the train to Chicago leave?
A 2:14
B 2:40
C 4:13
D 4:30

3. On what day is this conversation taking place?
A Sunday
B Saturday
C A holiday
D A weekday

4. What is the woman having trouble doing?
A Reading her book
B Seeing what time it is
C Finding when her train leaves
D Getting some time to take it easy

5. What is on the other side of the paper the woman is holding?
A Weekend and holiday train times
B Advertisements for different trips
C Tips for scheduling one's time better.
D Prices for one-way and round-trip tickets