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Unit 13: Using a Map



A: Hey Jenny; I'm home.

B: Hi Tom; anything new at work?

A: Yeah. The Lees asked us over to their house for dinner tomorrow night.

B: What time?

A: Harry said to come around 6:30.

B: That sounds fine. You know where they live?

A: Well, Harry drew me this map.

B: Wow, it's hard to read; the words are so small! Where's north; is it up here?

A: Uh . . . , I think so.

B: Okay, then this dark line has to be the freeway. And . . . what's this dotted line?

A: Maybe it's a train track.

B: And this circle here looks like a lake. I think he wrote 12253 Waterview Court. Is that right?

A: Something like that. I can check my address book.

B: You know what, Tom? Let's get on the Internet and print out a better map. What do you think?

A: Yeah, let's do that. We'll get lost using this.