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Unit 14: Taking a Taxi



1. What does the man want to do?
A Watch a performance
B Play a musical instrument
C Listen to music on the radio
D Make some time for himself

2. What does the taxi driver tell the man?
A The opera house is far away.
B There are many traffic lights.
C There are few vehicles on the road.
D He has a flat tire, but he has a spare.

3. What does the man do for a living?
A He delivers newspapers.
B He builds performance halls.
C He plays music professionally.
D He reviews plays and musicals.

4. What time does the taxi arrive at the opera house?
A 5:30
B 5:50
C 6:10
D 6:30

5. How much extra does the man pay the taxi driver?
A Two dollars and twenty-five cents
B Two dollars and seventy-five cents
C Seven dollars and twenty-five cents
D Seven dollars and seventy-five cents