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Unit 14: Taking a Taxi



A: Can you take me to Civic Opera House, please?

B: Sure thing. You going to that musical that's playing there?

A: Yes. But it starts at six. Do you think we'll make it in time?

B: Traffic's light and we're not that far away. I'll get you there in about ten minutes.

A: Great! I was late the last time I went, and I couldn't get in till intermission. That's not good if you're a theater critic for the paper like I am.

B: Well, don't worry; this time you'll have plenty of time to spare.

-- A short time later --

B: Here you are, sir, Civic Opera House. What did I tell you? You're thirty minutes early.

A: I sure appreciate it. How much do I owe you?

B: Seventeen twenty-five.

A: Okay, here's a twenty. Keep the change.

B: Thank you, sir. Enjoy the show.

A: I will. Thank you.