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Unit 16: Taking a Bus



1. What does the woman ask the man?
A If he is going home for the upcoming holidays
B If he knows of a simple way to go to the airport
C If he knows someone who can take her to the airport
D If he thinks it's a bad idea for her to fly during the holiday

2. How does the man go to the airport when he flies?
A By car
B By bus
C By taxi
D By train

3. How much did it cost the man to take the FastPass?
A $13 one-way
B $13 round-trip
C $30 one-way
D $30 round-trip

4. What does the man look for?
A A wallet
B A telephone
C A place to sit
D A business card

5. Why does the man say the woman should make a reservation?
A Seats go quickly.
B The trip is speedy.
C The scenery is pretty.
D Departures leave hourly.