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Unit 17: Making Arrangements



A: Grist Clothing.

B: This is Pat Jones from Hope Industries. May I speak to George Grist, please?

A: Oh, Ms. Jones! This is George Grist speaking. How are you?

B: I'm fine, thanks. The reason why I called is to ask if I can come and show you our new swimwear catalogue.

A: I'd like that. Say, I'm free after lunch. So, how about this afternoon, say 1:00?

B: I'm afraid I can't, Mr. Grist. I'll be in a meeting all afternoon. I wish I could get out of it but . . .

A: I understand. Is Thursday at 3:00 okay? Are you free then?

B: Hmmm ... I think I am, but let me check. Uh, yes, 3:00 is fine.

A: Great. I'll see you then, Ms Jones.

B: Thank you, Mr. Grist. Bye.