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Unit 1: Introductions 1 - Informal



1. Where are the speakers?
A In a car
B In a bus
C In a dorm
D In a classroom

2. What does the man say when the woman asks if she can sit down?
A He says it is okay to have a seat.
B He says the seat is already occupied.
C He says he minds her sitting next to him.
D He says the bag seated there can't be moved.

3. How does the woman go to her first class?
A She walks.
B She takes a bus.
C She drives her car.
D She rides her bicycle.

4. Where is the man's first class?
A Across campus
B Near the bus stop
C Not far from the dorm
D On the other side of town

5. What is the last thing the man says to the woman?
A He says he has to stop seeing her.
B He says he will likely see her again.
C He says he looks forward to meeting her.
D He says he is going to come by her room.