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Unit 20: Buying Bus Tickets



A: Hi Anna. I'd like to buy a ticket to Chicago, please.

B: What time do you want to leave, Mr. Robinson?

A: Well, tomorrow morning, as early as I can. I've got to see a client and appear in court before noon.

B: There's a bus every thirty minutes starting at 5:30 am.

A: Then, I'd like to leave at that time. Wait . . . my wife's going to drop me off here on her way to work. Could you give me a 6:30 ticket instead?

B: Sure. Will that be one-way or round-trip?

A: Oh, I probably should buy a round-trip ticket now because I'll be coming back tomorrow evening.

B: Do you know what time tomorrow?

A: Uh, do you have a bus that comes around 9?

B: Yes, there's one at 9 o'clock.

A: Okay, I'll take that. I told my wife that we'd go see a movie at 9:30.