Unit 21: Calling a Friend - Arrangement



1. What had the woman been trying to do earlier?
A Take a test
B Sell her car
C Find the cabin
D Contact the man

2. What had the man NOT told the woman?
A His name
B Where he lived
C Where he was going
D His telephone number

3. According to the man, how far away is Indian Lake from Chicago?
A 30 minutes
B 45 minutes
C 60 minutes
D 90 minutes

4. Who is at the cabin when the man calls?
A The woman
B The man and the woman
C The man and his parents
D The woman and the man's parents

5. Why does the woman tell the man not to worry?
A She can drive herself
B She likes the man's parents
C The man can take her back on Monday
D The man doesn't have to tell her everything