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Unit 22: Travel Agent


1.) Where is the person traveling?
a) Chicago
b) Houston
c) Frontier Airlines

2.) What day does the traveler want to return?
a) May 6th
b) May 5th
c) March 5th

3.) What extra information does the traveler ask for?
a) what day he should leave
b) what airline to use
c) where he can stay


A: Frontier Airlines. How may I help you?

B: I'd like to make a reservation for the second of May.

A: Yes, sir. Could you give me the city you're leaving from and your destination, please?

B: I'll be departing from Houston, Texas, and flying to Chicago, Illinois.

A: And when do you want to return?

B: Uh, I want to come back on the fifth. Oh, and ma'am, I'd like the cheapest flight you have.

A: Yes, sir. Well, if you leave at 6 am from Houston on May fifth, the price for the flight is $150.

B: And what about from Chicago on the fifth?

A: That's also $150 if you leave at 6 am.

B: Great, let's do that. And would you have any information about places to stay? I'm going to an attorney's convention in the Michigan Avenue area.

A: Yes, sir. But first, may I have you name?