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Unit 23: Movie Ticket Reservation


1.) What movie does she want to see?
a) Eight Theatres
b) Dark and Stormy Night
c) Matinee

2.) What is wrong with the seats in the middle?
a) there aren’t enough seats
b) the seats aren’t together
c) the seats are on the ends of the rows

3.) How much do the tickets cost?
a) 30
b) 33
c) 13


A: I'd like to reserve two tickets for the matinee on Saturday, the 10th.

B: For which movie, ma'am?

A: Oh, that's right; you have eight theaters there. Um . . . for "Dark and Stormy Night," please.

B: I'm sorry, that show is sold out.

A: Well, how about the matinee on the 11th?

B: Yes ma'am, we do have tickets for that show.

A: Are there any seats left in the middle?

B: Yes, but they're not next to each other. If you want them together, we still have seats in the front and at the back.

A: The front row sounds good. How much are the tickets?

B: $13 total.

A: Okay. Can I use my credit card to pay for the tickets?

B: Sure. Could you give me your name, the name of your card, the card number, and the expiration date, please?

A: Uh, just a second. I have to get my credit card out.