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Unit 24: Hotel Reservation


1.) When does she want to stay?
a) Wednesday
b) Tuesday
c) Thursday

2.) What type of room does she want?
a) single
b) double
c) 2 rooms

3.) What does the woman think about the price?
a) she thinks it is a little expensive
b) she likes the price
c) she wants to look at other hotels


A: Skylight Hotel Reservations.

B: I want to reserve a room, please.

A: Certainly madam, when would you like to stay?

B: Next Thursday night, that's the 15th.

A: And what type of room would you like? Single or double?

B: Um, there were two of us going, but now it's only me, so . . . just a single room, please.

A: If you'd give me just a moment, please . . . Yes, we do have a single room available on the 15th. The room rate is ninety dollars.

B: Wow! Boy . . . that's a bit more than I expected to pay.

A: Well, you can try calling other hotels, but you'll find this is pretty standard.

B: Uh . . . okay. I don't have the time to call around and I know you're probably right.

A: Great. Let me go ahead then and reserve a room for you. Can you tell me your name, please?

B: It's Mrs. Horner, Peggy Horner. That's with two Gs.