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Unit 28: International Phone Calls



1. What problem does the woman have at the beginning?
A She cannot see very well.
B She dials the wrong number.
C She doesn't have any change.
D She forgets the number she wants.

2. What does the woman use?
A A payphone
B A mobile phone
C A phone at home
D A phone at the office

3. Who does the woman wish to speak to?
A Sally
B Sherri
C No one
D Anyone

4. Why will the woman NOT have to pay for the telephone call?
A The number is not correct.
B She is calling long distance.
C She cannot see the coin slot.
D The people she's calling will pay.

5. What is the woman trying to do?
A Call her family.
B Find a phone booth.
C Look up a phone number.
D Find out where a party is.