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Unit 28: International Phone Calls


1.) Where does she want to call?
a) South Korea
b) South America
c) China

2.) Who does she want to talk to?
a) her mom
b) anyone
c) her dad

3.) What is the “party” the man talks about?
a) a fun time with friends
b) a meeting with family
c) a person in her family


A: Agh! This phone booth is so dark. I don't know if I dialed the number right.

B: This is the International Operator. How may I help you?

A: Oh, great! Yes, sir. I'd like to make a collect call to Seoul, Korea, please.

B: What's the number you want to call?

A: The area code is 2, and the phone number there is 333-9373.

B: May I have your name, please?

A: My name is Sylvia.

B: I'm sorry. Could you spell that for me please, please?

A: Sure. It's S... like in Sally or Sherri, Y..., L..., V..., I..., A.

B: And who would you like to talk to?

A: Anyone who answers. It doesn't matter. It'll be either my mom or my dad.

B: Okay. Please hold on and I'll connect you. Alright, go ahead, ma'am; your party is on the line.

A: Thank you so much.