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Unit 2: Introductions 2 - Name Pronunciation



A: Hi there; I'm Zack. I saw you in the 8:00 class.

B: Oh, you mean Math 204?

A: Yeah, you probably didn't see me. I was late, so I was sitting by the door.

B: Well, I'm Sylvia. I'm sorry; did you say your name was "Jack"?

A: Actually, it's Zack with a "Z."

B: Sorry, Zack. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

A: Don't worry about it. People are always calling me Jack.

B: Zack, why are you taking that 8:00 math class?

A: That's the only time I can take 204. If I could take it later, I would.

B: Yeah, I understand. My schedule's the same way.

A: But next semester, I think I'll be able to take Math 205 in the afternoon.

B: I'd like to do that. I'm just not a morning person; especially when it comes to math!