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Unit 34: Choosing a Topic



1. Why does the woman want to see the man?
A She wants to type up a biography about her uncle.
B She would like to find an interesting job working at NASA.
C She would like to introduce him to a recently retired astronaut.
D She wants to write about a man who was in the U.S. space program.

2. What does the man recommend that the woman do?
A Mention other space programs.
B Incorporate pictures into the paper.
C Keep working on the original subject.
D Search for information on the Internet.

3. Which is NOT mentioned in the conversation?
A The Russian space program
B The Chinese space program
C The European space program
D The American space program

4. In which class would you most likely hear this conversation?
A Paleobotany
B Astrophysics
C Physiopsychology
D Chronophotography