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Unit 34: Choosing a Topic


1.) What was the girl writing about?
a) a space mission
c) planets

2.) What does she want to write about now?
a) her friend
b) an astronaut she met
c) a different space mission

3.) What does the professor want her to include?
a) the astronaut’s name
b) the astronaut’s background
c) the history of Europe


A: Excuse me, Dr Chandler, do you have a moment?

B: Of course, what can I do for you, Sienna?

A: I want to change the topic of my paper. You know I was writing about Apollo 11, but now I want to write about something else.

B: I'm surprised. On Monday, you were showing me all the pictures of the moon landing you'd found on the Internet.

A: Well, yesterday my friend introduced me to her uncle, who was an astronaut at NASA up until a year ago. I'd like to write about him if that's okay.

B: Yes, that sounds like it'll be a fascinating paper. Make sure you include some historical facts, though; this gentleman's job must have been very interesting, but don't forget the historical context or background.

A: I've got some books about the American space program.

B: That sounds like a good start. You could talk a little about the European and Russian space programs, too.

A: I'll do that. I'll see you next week, Dr. Chandler. Thank you!

B: Bye, Sienna. I look forward to reading your paper.