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Unit 35: Study Partners


1.) What does the boy want from Holly?
a) borrow her notes
b) go to the library with Holly
c) get the answers to a test

2.) Where does the boy work?
a) coffee shop
b) grocery store
c) theatre

3.) What has the boy been doing during class?
a) using his phone
b) sleeping
c) nodding at the professor


A: Holly, is it possible to borrow your notes? I'll return them tomorrow.

B: Sorry, but I usually go to the cafeteria and review them. Say, how about copying them over in the library?

A: Okay, I think I've got enough coins for the machines. You're a lifesaver, Holly!

B: No problem. But I don't understand why you need my notes, Carter; you haven't missed any classes.

A: Weekday mornings, I'm a cashier at a coffee shop downtown. After work, I come directly to school, and, boy, am I beat!

B: Wow, you're probably exhausted!

A: That's exactly why I want to borrow your notes; I've been nodding off during class, so my notes aren't very good.

B: Well, here's Professor Labelle; how you feeling?

A: I'm usually awake at the beginning. But thirty minutes into class and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.

B: Listen, I need someone to study with, and you need someone to keep you awake; want to be study partners?

A: Yeah, I'd sure appreciate it.

B: Okay; let's start today at the library. We're going there anyway, and I don't have to go to the cafeteria.

A: Sounds good. Oh, no, it looks like he's brought along some more of his slides; elbow me if I start drifting off.

B: I'm afraid I won't be very helpful; his slides make me sleepy too!