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Unit 36: Attending Class


1.) Why does the professor want to talk to the girl?
a) because she never comes to class
b) because he wants to give her notes
c) because he thinks she is a good student

2.) What happens today in class?
a) she can miss again
b) there is a test
c) it is the final day

3.) What does the professor think the girl should do?
a) quit the class
b) study for the test
c) continue her absences


A: Oh, Janna, you're early! I'm happy you're here early today because I'd like to discuss your attendance for a moment.

B: Gee, Dr. Livingston, I'm really sorry about missing yesterday.

A: Actually, it's been several days. Counting today, we've only had 6 classes, yet you've already missed 4. You won't be able to pass if you're constantly absent.

B: Sorry, I've been extremely busy.

A: Well, I hope you're ready for today's exam.

B: Today? I thought it was Monday!

A: Read the syllabus, Janna; this is precisely what I'm talking about. You should either make an effort to attend, or you should consider withdrawing while it's still possible.

B: What do you mean?

A: Today's the final day you can withdraw and get a full refund.

B: Maybe I really should; what do you suggest?

A: I wish you could attend classes regularly; however, if you don't believe you're capable of this, then don't waste your money.

B: Thanks, Dr. Livingston; I really appreciate your advice. If it's okay, I suppose I'll go ahead and drop the class.

A: It's entirely up to you, but that might be best if you don't think things are going to change. Excuse me, the students are coming, and I've got to get ready for class. I wish you the very best of luck, Janna.

B: Thank you, Dr. Livingston. Good bye.