Learn English Online - Free Audio Course - Unit 3: Introductions 3 - Formal
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Unit 3: Introductions 3 - Formal



1. What is the woman's profession?
A A secretary
B A physician
C A hotel manager
D A flight attendant

2. Where does this conversation take place?
A In a taxi
B In a shop
C In an airport
D In a hotel lobby

3. How does the woman feel?
A Lively
B Sleepy
C Hungry
D Grouchy

4. What will the woman probably do next?
A Fly to Sydney
B Get off a plane
C Find her luggage
D Inquire about hotels

5. What will the man do for the woman?
A Get her a taxi
B Take her to a hotel
C Drive her into Sydney
D Help her get to her flight