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Unit 6: Where Do You Come From?



A: Hi Steve. So that was your car I saw. I thought you always ate at the dorm.

B: Hi Juanita. Most of the time I do. But on Fridays and weekends, I like to go out.

A: Listen, you want to help me finish my fries? I shouldn't have ordered the large.

B: Thanks, they look good. Uh, by the way, Juanita, can I ask where you're from?

A: I'm from Isabela, a town in Puerto Rico. Why?

B: Well, you speak English fluently, and your Spanish is perfect.

A: I've used both languages ever since I can remember. My parents made sure I attended schools where they spoke English.

B: I'd love to be bilingual. I've studied Chinese for five years, but I know I'll never speak like a native.

A: Let me ask you something, Sebastian. Do you ever dream in Chinese?

B: Um, yes, I do sometimes. Is that a good sign?

A: It shows that you're making progress. I bet you know more Chinese than you think you do.