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Unit 7: Your Family



1. Where does the conversation probably take place?
A A taxicab
B An airport
C A cafeteria
D A food store

2. Where did the man hear the woman say that she had a big family?
A In class
B On a bus
C In a store
D At the dorm

3. How many children are in the woman's family?
A Five
B Six
C Eleven
D Twelve

4. What does the woman's father do?
A He sells food.
B He flies planes.
C He drives a taxi.
D He operates a gym.

5. Tyler says, "A food store would come in handy if you had a large family." What does he mean?
A Everyone would probably help out at the store.
B By owning a food store, nobody would go hungry.
C The store could be a very useful place to keep things.
D A food store could be turned into a second-hand store.