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Dialogue Exercises

Example: My name is Jeremy.

We need to go shopping.

I don't think so, we've got food here.

We don't have milk or bread, and we don't have much water.

Oh, OK. Lets go this evening.

How's your university?

It's great. I have of friends and there are a lot of great professors. I don't have much , but that's OK. Also I'm really busy these days, so I don't have much .

Are you enjoying it?

Sure, it's going well.

How students are in your class?

We don't have many students, just eight.

That's great! You can a lot.

Right. And I can talk to the teacher a lot as well. That's good.

Do you have many in your class?

Yes, I go out with them .


Score = Correct answers:


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