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1. Can

Can is a kind of auixiliary verb called a modal verb. Modal verbs express a particular character or mood of a verb.


Can is often used to show ability. For example: "We can speak English", or "He can sing well."

Here are the Simple Present forms of can for ability.


I can play the piano.
She can drive a car.


I cannot play the piano.
She cannot drive a car.


Can you play the piano?
Can she drive a car?


Cannot and can't are the same: eg.
- I cannot cook well.
- I can't cook well.
Can't is much more common in spoken English.


Can is also used to show permission. For example: "You can go home after class". Here are the Simple Present forms of can for permission.


You can meet her tommorrow. - (You have permission to meet her).


She can't come to our house. - (She doesn't have permisson to visit us).


Can we go to the movies? - (Please give us permission to watch a movie).

This Unit is relatively straightforward, so on to the exercises!


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