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Dialogue Exercises

Let's go out this evening.

I'm sorry, I can't meet you today because I'm busy. I can meet you tomorrow or Saturday.

Tomorrow I'm busy too 1. I can't come. Is Saturday OK?

Sure, I'm free all day, 2. let's go out!

Do you like flying?

No, I don't.

Why not?

1. I can't sleep well and airports are really boring.

Right. The first time airports are really exciting, 2. then they are a little boring.

What season do you like?

My favorite season is spring, 1. the weather is perfect 2. things are growing.

I really like winter 3. fall.

Why? It's very cold.

Yes, 4. there is snow in the winter 5. red leaves in the fall. They are very beautiful.


Score = Correct answers:


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