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1. Conjunctions

Conjunctions are words that conjoin things - they connect sentences and parts of a sentence. This unit deals with five conjunctions: and, but, or, so and because.


And is often used to join nouns, for example:
- I like spaghetti and pizza.
And is also used to show time sequence, for example:
- I ate spaghetti for lunch and pizza for dinner.


But is used to show an exception or conflict. For example:
- I like spaghetti, but I don't like hamburgers.


Or is used to show choice, for example:
- You can eat spaghetti or pizza for dinner.


So is used to show the result of something. For example:
- I like all Italian food, so I like pizza.
So can also be used give additional information, for example:
- I like Italian food, and so does my brother.


Because is used to show the cause of something. For example:
- I eat a lot of pizza because I like it.
- I study English because I want a good job.


There are many other specific usages of the above conjunctions, but they usually center around the main concepts outlined here. Now try using some conjunctions with the following exercises.


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