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1. Imperatives

Imperatives are used to give orders or suggestions. For example: "Come here!" or "Have a cookie".

Imperatives almost always have no subject, and the second person is usually implied as the subject instead. For example "Come here!" implies the subject "(you) Come here!".

Here are some of the situations you can use imperatives.


Close the door! - Stand up! - Sit down! - Open your books!


To make a cup of coffee:
- Boil some water
- Put some coffee in a cup
- Add some water
- Drink the coffee.


To go to the bank
Turn left at Orchard Street, and then go straight.

Offers and Invitations

- Have some tea
- Come over to our house sometime.


The verb let is often used as an imperative to give strong suggestions. Let's is a contraction of let us. For example:
- Let's go home!
- Let's watch a movie!


Now let's do some exercises using imperatives!


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