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What do you do on the weekend?

I 1. go out on Saturday. 2. I go to a restaurant, and 3. I watch a movie. I 4. go to concerts, but I 5. go to my friend's house. I 6. have a good time!

What kind of person are you?

Well, I'm friendly and outgoing, and I'm 1. very happy. I don't 2. complain, and I 3. shout or get really angry. How about you?

I'm friendly too, and I'm a little shy.

I'm 4. happy, but 5. I'm very busy. I 6. try to have a happy face.

Me too!

What are some customs in your country?

We 1. bow to people we meet, and we 2. joke about people's names.

That's good. Here we 3. ask about people's salary, it's rude. Also we 4. aren't late for meetings.

That's good too!


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