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Dialogue Exercises

What are you doing 1. the weekend?

2. Saturday I'm meeting my friends at 2.00, and 3. the evening I'm watching a movie. 4. Sunday I'm not busy, so maybe we can go out together.

That sounds great!

I'm so busy these days!

How come?

I get up 1. 6.30 in the morning, and I finish work 2. 8.00 3. the evening. It's a really long day.

You're so busy!

I know. My boss wants our project finished 4. March, so we're working really hard.

I think you need a holiday.

Well, 5. the summer I have three weeks holiday. I can't wait!

Hello, this is doctor Watson's clinic. How can I help you?

Hello, this is Tyler Saunders. I'd like to make an appointment.

OK, Mr. Saunders. How about 1. Tuesday 2. 3.30?

I'm busy all day 3. Tuesday. Is Friday OK?

Well, the doctor can see you 4. the morning at 9.30.

9.30 5. Friday is fine.

Very good, Mr Saunders. We look forward to seeing you.

Thankyou, good bye.



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