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Dialogue Exercises

Example: My name is Jeremy.

Hi, let me tell you about my daily routine. First, I at 8.00, then I brush my teeth, a shower, and breakfast. I go to work at 8.50, and I start work at 9.30. Then I have lunch at 1.00, and finish work at 5.30. I go to bed at 11.00. That's my day!

Hi! My name is Sylvia. I from Korea. I'm 24 years old, I'm tall and I have black hair. I like music and . I also like reading books. I play sports and I English. I'm really happy to meet you!

Tyler, do you have a ?

Sure, I read books.

Oh, I like books as well. Do you TV?

Yes, I watch TV every day. I like drama and comedy programs.

I the news. And I go to the gym as well.

Me too! Let's together.

That sounds great!


Score = Correct answers:


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