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Grammar Exercises

Make sentences using the correct form of the verb in the Present Simple.

Example: She walks home. (walk)

1. I cereal for breakfast. (eat)

2. She work at 9.00. (start)

3. Dave and Tim some candy. (have)

4. Charlie movies. (like)

5. He the piano. (play)

6. You great! (look)

Use the correct spelling of the 3rd person singular.
Note: You must finish your questions with a question mark and start your sentences with a capital letter, or these exercises will be marked as incorrect.

Example: The bird flies in the sky. (fly)

7. He homework in the evening. (do)

8. Sarah to English class. (go)

9. The boy the ball. (catch)

10. Jenny her family. (miss)

11. The teacher us. (teach)

12. The baby at night. (cry)

Score =
Correct answers:


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