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Dialogue Exercises

Example: My name is Jeremy.

Hi, how are you ?

Fine, thanks.

Do you have English class?

Yes, I have English class. It's very .

Your English is good. Do you understand the ?

Well, yes, I understand. English is difficult, but I learn quickly.

Well done!

Tyler, do you have a ?

Yes, I have one brother. He's 23.

Do you have a ?

No, I don't have a sister. How about you?

I have two sisters. They are 17 and 20.

do you eat for breakfast?

I eat sausages, bacon, and fried eggs.

Oh, that's not healthy. I have fruit juice and cereal.

That's really good. For lunch I eat french fries and a burger. Do you eat fast food?

No, I eat chicken and rice for . It's delicious.

Wow, you're very healthy. Do you like sports?

Yes, I tennis and soccer. Do you play sports?

Not really. I stay and watch TV. I like movies.

Oh, me too. Let's watch a movie together!


Score = Correct answers:


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