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Grammar Exercises 2

Unscramble these words to make questions.

Example: She likes fruit. - She doesn't like fruit.

1. Jenny to school go does -

2. like do movies you

3. want he does an apple

4. have a book do you

5. does taste good orange juice

6. he does in a supermarket work

Complete th dialogues below. Use any kind of Presnt Simple sentence.

Example: __________ a watch? (have) - Do you have a watch?

(you/like) sports?

Sure, I really (like) tennis, but I (not/like) football. How about you?

I (love) running. It's my favorite sport.

That's good. I (not/run) a lot. I drive my car.

Well, I (have/not) a car. I run everywhere!

Score =
Correct answers:


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