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Dialogue Exercises

Example: My name is Jeremy.

Excuse me, is the post office?

Go straight, and it's the bank.


What's your ?

I live 34, East 39th Street, New York.

And what's your zip code?

My zipcode is NY 10061-2134


Hi Sylvia, where's the fruit juice?

It's the refridgerator!

No, it's not. It's not there.

Oh, sorry, it's in the cupboard the soda.

Thanks. And where is the cereal?

Um, the shelf, I think.

Great! Let's have breakfast!

Where do you work?

I work a bank, I'm a secretary. How about you?

I'm a shop assistant. I work the local store.

Where's that?

It's the yellow building Green Street, next to the clothes store.


Score = Correct answers:


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