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Dialogue Exercises

Example: My name is Jeremy.

Do you know Andy?

Sure, he's in my class, I study with . Why?

Oh, nothing. I want him to help , that's all.

I have his 'phone number. Call !

Ok, thanks!

Hey Tyler, do you like lemons?

Yea, I really like .

And do you like rice?

Sure, I like .

And how about chicken?

Yep, I like that too. Why do you ask ?

I want to make lemon chicken for dinner.

Sounds great!

What's that?

Oh, it's a photo of my . Look, she's my Mum.

Oh yea, I know . Who's he?

He's my brother, everybody likes . Look, that's my father.

Wow, he looks like you. And look at the big dog!

Yea, he's really big. He looks like !


Score = Correct answers:


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