NAVIGATE:   Learn English - Beijing Part 1

Beijing Part 1 - Questions

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1. When the author uses "Then again..." at the beginning of a sentence, what is her purpose?
A) to show agreement
B) to define the meaning of something
C) to show contrast from her previous statement
D) to recall something from the past

2. Complete the sentence: "If I had learned Chinese before my trip, everything ______________________________ much easier."
A) will be
B) had been
C) would been
D) would have been

3. True or False. The author thinks that being in a smaller city was easier than being in Beijing.
A) true
B) false

4. What was a big difference between the people of Dong'E and the people of Beijing?
A) More people were exposed to different cultures in Beijing.
B) More people spoke English in Dong'E.
C) People moved more quickly in Dong'E.
D) People spoke more quickly in Beijing.

5. What is a synonym for "quest"?
A) luggage
B) journey
C) flight
D) airport

6. Where was the man from who helped the author get a subway ticket?
A) Italy
B) France
C) Spain
D) China

7. What does this statement mean: "The weather was hot and humid... Nevertheless, we had to persevere because we were in China!"
A) The Chinese police would have been angry if the author didn.t persevere.
B) Being in China was a unique experience and the author wanted to take advantage of it.
C) The weather caused the author to stay inside all day because it was too hot.
D) The author and her friends couldn.t find the location they were searching for.

8. True or False. The author felt comfortable speaking English with the British girl because they spoke the same native language.
A) true
B) false

9. Where was the author.s final destination in this story?
A) a market
B) a bathroom
C) Tiananmen Square
D) Beijing

10. What do you think the author learned during this experience?
A) It is impossible to feel homesick in China.
B) She should have never traveled to China without knowing Chinese.
C) There are few international people in Beijing.
D) Making connections with international people in another country is a valuable experience.

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