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Beijing Part 2 - Questions

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1. What time did the author wake up on her second day in Beijing?
A) 10:00 AM
B) 5:00 AM
C) 8:00 AM
D) 12:00 PM

2. What does "surreal" mean?
A) beautiful
B) regretful
C) realistic
D) unbelievable

3. All of the people waiting in line for the bus were ____________________.
A) international
B) Chinese
C) tired
D) angry

4. What purpose does "on the other hand" serve?
A) to show contrast
B) to show similarities
C) to define something
D) to narrate an opinion

5. Who were the con artists at the bus station?
A) People who were selling fake watches.
B) People who were speaking English.
C) People who were selling tickets for the wrong bus.
D) People who were selling old fooD)

6. The woman speaking about history on the bus was a/an:
A) elderly woman.
B) tour guide.
C) professor.
D) bus driver.

7. What was the problem with the tour guide's information about the Great Wall?
A) It was all in Chinese and the author didn't understanD)
B) She gave historically incorrect details about the Great Wall.
C) She was speaking too quietly.
D) She didn't know what to say about the sights.

8. What was a big difference the author noticed about herself and people around her when getting off the bus?
A) Everyone else was more tired than the author.
B) Everyone else followed each other in a group, but the author separated herself.
C) Everyone else started eating, but the author wasn't hungry.
D) Everyone else was speaking English but the author was speaking Chinese.

9. What is the purpose of this statement: "The Wall has seen so many wars, people, seasons..."?
A) to talk about the future of the Great Wall.
B) to express the author's disappointment in her experience there.
C) to explain the violence that has occurred at the Great Wall.
D) to convey the long history of the Great Wall.

10. What was one disadvantage to the author's experience at the Great Wall?
A) The weather was too hot.
B) There were too any people there.
C) There were too many international people there.
D) The bus driver arrived late.

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