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It's No Joke: Humor Rarely Welcome in Research Write-Ups - Questions

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1. What is the main idea of the article?
A) Science should be professional and serious.
B) Scientific research is crucial to the progress of humanity.
C) Some scientists believe that research papers should include more humor.
D) Humor is unprofessional in science and humanities.

2. What does "levity" mean?
A) accuracy
B) seriousness
C) citation
D) humor

3. What is the purpose of Mr. Heard's metaphor in paragraph two?: "... amusing moments in literature are unusual enough that finding one is like sighting a glow-throated hummingbird or a Salt Creek tiger beetle: beautiful, but rare, tiny, and glimpsed in passing."
A) to demonstrate the rareness of humor in scientific research
B) to convince readers that research is serious
C) to show his passion for nature and literature
D) to utilize a quotation from a famous novel he enjoys

4. In the third paragraph, why does Mr. Heard believe research papers should have humor in them?
A) because research papers should be a laugh-a-minute
B) because papers are written by actual people with personalities
C) because everyone understands jokes and wants to laugh
D) because he wants to bludgeon humanity out of writing

5. In the fourth paragraph, what is a synonym for "contend"?
A) declare
B) request
C) assume
D) deny

6. True or False: Peter McGraw disagrees with Stephen Heard.
A) true
B) false

7. Why does Jake Yeston say there are not many jokes in professional, scientific writings?
A) because people don.t have sense of humor
B) because science is supposed to be completely serious
C) because international readers don.t enjoy humor
D) because humor often depends on one.s culture

8. What does the phrase "art enhances function" mean in paragraph five?
A) Papers that include humor and sense of personality will be more memorable.
B) Papers that include art are less likely to be functional.
C) Papers that have a high function are the only memorable publications.
D) Papers that require the reader to be artistic are more functional.

9. True or false: According to the article, there is more humor found in research papers about humanities than science.
A) true
B) false

10. Which word is a synonym for the word "joke"?
A) pun
B) manuscript
C) bemoan
D) pollen

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