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Unit 10: Dialogues

Places to Live

Listen to the conversations below. You can listen to each individual conversation using the controller above.

Sylvia: So what's your new apartment like?
Tyler: It's great. It's got two bedrooms, a living room, a nice kitchen... and it's got a really great view.
Sylvia: Sounds nice. How much is the rent?
Tyler: The rent's only $180 a week. It's pretty good.
Sylvia: Yea, that's good value. So will you miss your old place?
Tyler: What, me? No, my last apartment was really bad. The hot water was broken, there was a big hole in the wall, and the neighbors were really noisy.
Sylvia: No wonder you wanted a new place!
Tyler: Yea, now I've got a better part-time job, so I can finally afford a better apartment.
Sylvia: That's great news.


Sylvia: What do you need for your apartment?
Tyler: Well, the kitchen's OK, it's got a good refridgerator, a gas range, even an old dishwasher.
Sylvia: OK, and what about the rest?
Tyler: Well, the sofa and chairs are really old. Maybe I'll buy some second-hand chairs.
Sylvia: I've got some old chairs I don't need. You can have them if you want.
Tyler: Really? That'd be great.
Sylvia: Sure, I need the space so just take them.
Tyler: Well, that's really generous.
Sylvia: No problem.


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