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Unit 1: Dialogue Exercises

Example: My name is Tyler.

Tyler: Sylvia!
Sylvia: Hi Tyler!
Tyler: are you?
Sylvia: I'm fine thanks, how about ?
Tyler: I'm fine too!


Sylvia: Tyler!
Tyler: Hi Sylvia, how you?
Sylvia: Oh, not bad. And you?
Tyler: I'm very , thanks.


Tyler: Hello, my is Tyler.
Sylvia: Hi Tyler, it's nice to you. My name's Sylvia.
Sylvia: It's nice to meet you too, Sylvia.


Sylvia: me, what's your name?.
Tyler: My name is Tyler. What's your name?
Sylvia: My name's Sylvia. Pleased to meet you.
Tyler: to meet you too, Sylvia.


Score = Correct answers:


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