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Unit 27: Past Simple

Use the past tense forms of the verbs in the box to complete the sentences. Make sure there are no extra spaces or mispelt words in your answers.

wish bathe catch put become
rain teach forget buy work

Example: The waiter the plates on the table.

1. I the groceries on the kitchen counter.

2. Mrs. Staten at the same school for 20 years.

3. It so much that the river flooded into the town.

4. We that it was my youngest nephew's birthday.

5. Mickey a cold, so he’s going to bed early tonight.

6. Mr. Fisher an expensive new automobile for his wife.

7. When he was younger, my father in a bank.

8. After the ducks in the pond, they flapped their wings to dry off.

9. Sally blew out the candles on her birthday cake and for a pony.

10. Ms. Ali president after an election in 1997 that formally ended the war.

Score = Correct answers: