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Unit 31: Grammar Exercises 2

1. The team __________ basketball every day.
A) plays
B) is playing

2. My mother ___________ coffee in the mornings.
A) drinks
B) is drinking

3. The phone ___________.
A) rings
B) is ringing

4. The ocean ________ blue.
A) is
B) is being

5. Animals typically __________ a lot in a day.
A) eat
B) are eating

6. I _____________ to become a doctor.
A) study
B) am studying

7. Brazil __________ a more influential country.
A) becomes
B) is becoming

8. My jacket __________ me warm in the Winter.
A) keeps
B) is keeping

9. I _________ a book every night before bed.
A) read
B) am reading

10. We should ____________ speaking English more.
A) practice
B) are practicing