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Unit 32: Grammar Exercises

Complete the sentences using an adjective or an adverb.
Note: Act, look, grow, sound, and smell are examples of verbs that can be linking verbs in some sentences and action verbs in others.
Generally, adjectives follow linking verbs, and adverbs follow action verbs.

Example: You can go anywhere you want if you carry a clipboard and look _____.
a) serious b) mad - Answer a) is correct.


1. The rock band’s five-foot speakers look _____ .
a) loud b) loudly

2. The meat smells _____ . We’d better throw it away.
a) bad b) badly

3. I know I've acted _____. Please accept my apologies.
a) bad b) badly

4. This car turns _____. The power steering is really great!
a) nice b) nicely

5. When I called her name, the old woman looked _____ at me.
a) strange b) strangely

6. Mike acts _____ in class, but you can tell he really doesn’t like you.
a) nice b) nice

7. The musician has the striking ability to make his lyrics sound _____ .
a) immediate b) immediately

8. The conversation turned _____ when someone started talking about UFOs.
a) strange b) strangely

9. The cook handed him a bowl of sugar and cinnamon, which he smelled _____ .
a) immediate b) immediately

10. The alarm sounded _____ at its appointed time, and I got up, showered, and shaved.
a) loud b) loudly

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