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Unit 32: Grammar Exercises 2

1. She spoke ________ to me at the crowded restaurant.
A) loud
B) loudly

2. The work was __________ so we stopped early.
A) hard
B) hardly

3. Tell me __________ if I need to correct my essay, please.
A) immediate
B) immediately

4. We spoke __________ in church because no one else was talking.
A) quite
B) quietly

5. She was a ___________ person because she moved quietly and quickly.
A) swift
B) swiftly

6. He put on a ________ face so that he could face his fears.
A) brave
B) bravely

7. She looked at him _________ because he broke her heart.
A) cold
B) coldly

8. Don't be __________ towards people who are different from you.
A) judgemental
B) judgementally

9. Write ________ when you take the test because you don't want to mess up.
A) careful
B) carefully

10. He was _________ because he wouldn't stop talking
A) annoying
B) annoyingly